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Vic and Hedy

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NEWEST UPDATE OCTOBER 2010 - For this update I've added many new great articles including: Scans Of Victor's Baby Pictures, Mature Viewpoint, Articles about Victor Visiting Sick Fan Eunice Kinzer, Plus Articles From A Few Years Later Telling How Victor Inspired Eunice To Recover, Photos Of Vic I put up for the 4th Of July, Wonderful Photos Of Vic Arriving In Rome From The Scala Archives, A Great Photo Of Victor and Marilyn Monroe, and much more! Make sure to visit The Victor Mature Fan Club YouTube Channel and check out all of the fantastic video clips of Victor including clips from behind the scenes of My Darling Clementine, Footlight Serenade, Song Of The Islands, I Wake Up Screaming, The Robe and much more. I will be adding many more behind the scenes videos and clips! Here are two interesting articles - pages about Vic's co-star Coleen Gray and the appearances she's made lately. Happy 12 Year Anniversary of! :) 1 AUGUST 2010 - For this update I've added many great new articles! Caution In The Pirate's Den, Dangerous Mission, After The Fox and More, Vic with Betty Grable, In The Coast Guard and More, A Great Promotional Photo From Dangerous Mission, Great Article From Carole Landis About Victor, Silver Screen Magazine April 1941 Article, Fantastic Victor Magazine Covers, plus Pictures Of Victor and Betty and More. Victor Mature Radio has been updated with an amazing radio show called Angelica! Thanks to Liz from for the links to a great site for Victor photos and a great article on Victor's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. Remember Victor on August 4th - 11 years after he sadly passed away. :-( Remember him by watching your favorite Victor movie that day. I moved the cute flash book to the Message Board page because it seemed to really slow down the way the page was loading so if you want to try that out please visit the Message Board page. Thanks! :) You can look through various great pictures of Victor and turn the pages for more! The TV-Now schedules have been replaced with the TVGuide schedule now. You can even type in your zip code to customize the search results for Victor's movies. There was a bit of a problem with the feedback form and being able to e-mail some people back so if you wrote and haven't heard from me I apologize and I will leave you a message on the message board. Please try to e-mail me again and I will reply. Thanks so much! :)

UPDATE 2 MAY 2010 - For this update I've added a new section to the web at You can see over 350 great color posters and lobby cards from Victor's fantastic films! Make sure to visit the beautiful new site of Victor's co-star and friend Carole Landis! - The Official Carole Landis Site. Here are two links to articles I've added recently: Victor In The Coast Guard, With Carole Landis Behind The Scenes And More plus Victor's Movie Scenes. 12 MARCH 2010 - For this update I've added 14 new articles with pictures: Victor with the Henry Wilcoxon's and more, Victor with June Havoc and more, Wabash Avenue Article, Fury At Furnace Creek pictures, Victor with Marjorie Woodworth and more, Victor with Alan Young and more, Victor with Mari Blanchard and more, Ten Scenes From One Million B.C., Photos from The Robe and My Gal Sal plus more, One Million B.C. Advertising, Victor with Carole Landis, Piper Laurie and more, Victor Kiss Of Death Scenes, Red, Hot and Blue Cute Pictures with Betty Hutton, and Don'ts On Dates - Victor with Carole Landis Dating Advice Article. Special Thanks to Carole Landis Online for the Don'ts On Dates Article! 4 NOVEMBER 2009 - For this update I've added 14 pages of new photos and articles: One Million B.C. Article. Special thanks to for the article! I've also added: Victor In Paris At A Party, Victor Shopping And More, Vic's Store And More, Backward Ho One Million B.C. Article, Glamour Man Article, Footlight Serenade Article, Dear Kids Article, Androcles And The Lion Article, Victor Pictures With Carole Landis, Fritz And More, Victor And His Mother Clara And More, Victor And Rita Salute The Flag, One Million B.C. Newspaper Photo, and The Man Hollywood Has Needed Arrives. 5 SEPTEMBER 2009 - HAPPY 11 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE VICTOR MATURE FAN CLUB ON SEPTEMBER 5th! For this update I've added two great pages of photos and info - Victor Playing Baseball, The Las Vegas Story and More, and Easy Living, The Egyptian, And More. Special thanks to Cliff Guidry for his story about his father meeting Victor during World War II. Try out these 4 new Victor Mature puzzles! 29 JULY 2009 - I've added a great new radio show, Lillian Russell, to the Victor Mature Radio Section. It's about 60 minutes long and stars Victor Mature, Alice Faye and Edward Arnold. Make sure to view all of the details in the Radio Section! Remember Victor on August 4, 2009 - 10 years after he sadly passed away. :-( Remember him by watching your favorite Victor movie that day. Thanks to Cliff Guidry for this info: Here you can see a photograph of Victor who was the 2,000,000th visitor to the island of MogMog during WWII. Cliff's father Clifford Guidry of the U.S.S. Prairie (Destroyer Tender) is the man holding the sign stating this as the group of officers along with Victor toured the island. It was pictured in Life magazine. You can view the cool photo here: Victor. I've added two pages of great pictures with photos from behind the scenes of My Darling Clementine, Easy Living, Samson and Delilah and many more - Victor At The Mocambo And More & Victor At The Beach And More. The Big Circus is now available on DVD! You can order your copy from Turner Classic Movies now. Thanks to Dixie Carson for the information! 1 JULY 2009 - For this update I've added 2 great new radio shows in the Victor Mature Radio section - which also has a new layout. The newest additions are Sealtest Variety Theater from April 14, 1949 with Victor, Dorothy Lamour and Eddie Bracken. Very funny show! The second one is Hollywood Star Time - My Gal Sal from February 10, 1946 with Victor as Paul Dresser and June Haver playing the part of Sally Elliott. Have fun listening to them! 29 MAY 2009 - For this update I've added 6 new pages: More Great Scrapbook Pictures, Captain Caution, The Housekeeper's Daughter and Out On The Town, Veils Of Bagdad And My Gal Sal Plus More, Victor Article, The Las Vegas Story, and Great Vic Photos And Photos From The Queen Mary. Make sure to also Become A Fan on Facebook at: Make sure to join the Victor Mature Facebook Group: 10 APRIL 2009 - For this update I've added some more great photos here. Also I've added a fantastic interview Victor did with Louella Parsons. The Links Section has been updated with a link to Vic's co-star and friend Carole Landis' beautiful site - Carole Landis Online. I hope that everyone has a very Happy Easter! :) 24 FEBRUARY 2009 - For this update I've added more great pictures of Victor including ones from The Long Haul, from Affair With A Stranger, one from the Coast Guard with Rita Hayworth, one from Million Dollar Mermaid, and many more! 27 JANUARY 2009 - For this update I have added 12 great new pictures including ones from the Coast Guard, at the airport, at the Mocambo, one with Diana Dors, and many more! Celebrate Vic on 29 January by watching your favorite Vic movie! 5 JANUARY 2009 - For this update I've added two great radio shows that Victor did to the Victor Mature Radio Section. The radio shows are: Victor in Momentum and the Love and Death of Joaquin Murieta. They are approximately 30 minutes each so I've divided them into 3 audio clips each. Have fun listening to them! :) 12 DECEMBER 2008 - For this update I've added a great page of Victor photos and autographs! Thanks so much to Don Strathy for sending them! In case I don't get to update again before the 25th I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009! :) Thanks so much for visiting! I'll be adding many, many more great photos, articles and much more in 2009! 25 OCTOBER 2008 - I fixed the files so everything is now working. I will be updating again soon. Happy Halloween to everyone next week! 11 OCTOBER 2008 - The Victor Mature Fan Club web site will now be at As of November 1st, America Online will be deleting all of their sites for some reason so please make sure to visit us now at Thanks so much to everyone who has visited over the past 10 years!!! :) For this update I added Various Victor pictures. Special thanks to Becca! For now it's best to view the new site with Internet Explorer. I'm going to be fixing the fonts so everything looks better through FireFox also. Thanks so much for your patience as I've moved everything. I look forward to the future of the website and will be updating often. I still have to re-write the files at because some of them still point to the America Online files. I will get that done right away also. Again thank you to everyone who has visited over the past 10 years. I really appreciate your support! :) 20 AUGUST 2008 - HAPPY 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE VICTOR MATURE FAN CLUB ON SEPTEMBER 5th! I am currently updating and rewriting every page of the site and will be adding a new menu so everything links together once again. I will keep everyone updated here and on the message board. Thank you for visiting! :) 7 MAY 2008 - I fixed all of the missing photos in the Mature Theater section and also on the Charms page. Make sure to see Victor's very talented daughter Victoria's new movie "As You Like It" which will be coming out in Summer 2008! Check out the great trailer! Please remember to check out TV-Guide's OCTOBER/NOVEMBER (will be up soon) schedule to keep up-to-date on which Vic movies will be on. :)

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