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Here are some interesting links related to Victor's life and career.

Official Carole Landis Website- Wonderful Official Website for Victor's friend and co-star, the beautiful Carole Landis.

Carole Landis Online- Wonderful web site for Victor's friend and co-star, the beautiful Carole Landis.

Don Conroy's Official Site- Wonderful Official Site of Talented Artist, Environmentalist, TV Personality, and Writer Don Conroy.

Fred Carson- Make sure and read this great article about Fred Carson.

Classic Videos- A great place to search for Vic movies in PAL-M format.

Classic Images- The September 2001 issue contained a full-length article on Vic's career by Neil Doyle.

The Li Lihua Home Page- A fabulous website, run by Judy, that is dedicated to Victor's talented China Doll co-star, Li Lihua. It also includes some great photos of Victor.

Request Victor at A&E's Biography- Make sure to e-mail Biography and ask them to do a programme dedicated to Victor. :)

The Internet Movie Database- This has his biography, a listing of all of his movies, and a search engine to look up his movies.

Lloyd Douglas Information- Information on Lloyd Douglas who was an American writer that wrote The Robe.

Film noir- Discusses him in film noir.

Elizabeth's Jean Simmons Page- This mentions him in The Robe.

American Movie Classics- This is the home page of American Movie Classics where you can search for his movies.

Turner Classic Movies- This is the website for Turner Classic Movies.

Critics' Choice Video- Critics' Choice Video is a good place to buy his movies.

Film Star Greeting Cards- One of them features Victor.

Hollywood North Autographed Photo Art- They sell a picture of Victor.

Martin's Film Noir Page- A very cool website dedicated to film noir.

Radio Showcase- From this site you can purchase Vic's radio shows.

Movies Filmed In National Parks- This tells where Dangerous Mission was filmed.

The Hollywood Home Movie & Screen Test Collection- If you need stock footage to use in a film you can find it here--including Victor's screen test.

Film Noir- Contains a photo of Victor.

Restaurant Reviews- Visit a great restaurant that features pictures of famous people from Louisville including a picture of Victor and his mother.

Jerry Haendiges Vintage Radio Logs- Order Radio Shows that Victor was on at this site.

My Darling Clementine- Talks all about My Darling Clementine.

Greatest Films of the 1950s- This mentions Victor.

Rita Hayworth: The Love Goddess- A beautiful website (run by Claudia) dedicated to Victor's co-star and former girlfriend, the talented Rita Hayworth.

Hedy Lamarr's Official Site- Hedy Lamarr's Site

Betty Grable Online- Betty Grable Site

TV Guide Online- A good place to search for information on Victor's movies.

DVDs of Vic's movies - DVDs of Vic's movies

Brains and Beauty - The Hedy Lamarr Story - Thanks to Ms. Harris and a student in her class for the link.

Article on Hedy's invention - An article about Hedy Lamarr's amazing invention.

The Hedy Lamarr Foundation - The Hedy Lamarr Foundation


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