Mrs. Betty Mueller gets the thrill of her life when she's kissed by Victor Mature on the "Truth Or Consequences" radio show. Ralph Edwards stands by with the mike.

Vic and others
Mrs. Mueller knew she could expect almost anything when she appeared on the "Truth Or Consequences" show, but she never dreamed her three favorite movie stars would be there in person and she was overwhelmed by it all.

Vic and David Niven
Ralph Edwards, master of ceremonies on "Truth Or Consequences," gives Victor Mature and David Niven some pointers about the show before they go on the air. Handsome Victor's now appearing in the DeMille epic, "Samson and Delilah."

Vic, David and Robert
Victor Mature, David Niven and Robert Young give Mrs. Mueller a lift. She entered right into the spirit of the show and had herself a darn good time. But then who wouldn't appearing with three handsome movie stars. Mature's Matinee - The Victor Mature Fan Club and Website - Please do not use any of the images or information from this site on any other web sites or pages.