Captions and photos taken from various fan magazines from the 40s and 50s.

Photo 1-Victor Mature cut a dashing figure with his cane when he attended a premiere with wife Dorothy.

Photo 2-Vic Mature finds things at Mocambo very interesting.

Photo 3-Victor Mature and his wife with comic Gene Baylos at the Mocambo.

Photo 4-At Ciro's benefit show, also, were Vic Mature and his lovely wife, Dorothy. Vic, who in his bachelor days had a very busy social life, has really settled down to quiet matrimony and is rarely seen in night spots nowadays.

Photo 5-More of the Vic Matures.

Photo 6-When Vic Mature takes his Dorothy out to Ciro's for the evening, she loves to get all dressed up.

Photo 7-The handsome Vic with Dorothy again.

Vic and Dorothy Vic and Dorothy

Vic, Dorothy and Friend Vic and Dorothy

Vic and Dorothy Vic and Dorothy

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