Victor Mature is through with sweater-boy roles, wants straight drama

VictorHusky, handsome Victor Mature basks in front of his studio dressing room.

Victor Mature took up acting after "trying to decide how I could be as famous as the President without a brain in my head."

At 33, the handsome, talented, dark-eyed "hunk of man" sees his name printed in gossip columns all of the time. Publicity is his hobby.

When Mature was discharged from the Coast Guard, he found a sweater-boy role in a musical waiting for him. He snorted so loudly that he was assigned to a two-gun role in 20th Century-Fox's My Darling Clementine.

Mature, who lived in a tent during his first years in Hollywood, has used his studio dressing room as a home since returning to work. His $1,250 a week, prewar salary has been doubled.

Vic lifting weights Vic

Vic posing in the tub