VARIOUS VICTOR SCENES -- 1940s and 1950s

Vic and ladies
London ladies used ladders to get a look at talented Vic when he was at a hotel on his way to Kenya.

Scene from Easy Living
Here is Vic in a scene from Easy Living. Vic is seen here with Sonny Tufts.

Vic Mature early endeared himself to the ladies and gentlemen of the press and to their readers--the fans.

Victor in a scene from The Robe
This is Vic in a scene from The Robe with Richard Burton.

Happy Vic
Happy Vic smiles for the camera.

Vic reading the paper
Victor in a scene from his wonderful new movie.

Vic and Dorothy
Standing at the entrance to Howard Manor in Palm Springs, Vic points out the golf course to Dorothy. It's a honey, and Dot does agree.

Vic and Dorothy
Vic and Dorothy look around.

Vic and Mike
Dorothy's son Mike loved to "batch" it with Vic. Vic, who adores kids, took care of Mike while Dorothy was in the hospital.

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