Special thanks to Claudia who runs the beautiful website RITA HAYWORTH: THE LOVE GODDESS for this wonderful photo of Victor and Betty.

At a party given by Liz Whitney recently the talk turned to Hollywood, and there was considerable broad-handed merriment at the expense of screen actresses, among them Miss Betty Grable. Miss Grable has been the one serious romance in Mature's post-Louisville life, she being, he says, the only girl who has ever made him laugh. Mature listened for a while and then spoke his mind. "You," he said, addressing the room at large, "do you think anybody would ever have heard of you if your fathers didn't happen to have a lot of money and family stuff? Miss Grable has been wiggling her little fanny in public since she was 14 to support herself and four other people. She made more money already than all you people will make on your own all your lives." Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr., one of the guests, announced that he agreed wholeheartedly. Mature and young Roosevelt have been friendly ever since, and Mature has been invited to Hyde Park.

Vic and Betty


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