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Handsome Victor Mature, cast as a detective in The Las Vegas Story, played a different role when he gave opening-night plaudits to Broadway and Hollywood nabob turned author Lillian Roth at El Rancho Vegas in 1954.  Roth's biographical novel and first literary endeavor I'll Cry Tomorrow was high on the best seller list and was released in movie form by MGM the following year. 

 Sonny Tufts, Everett Glass, Russ Thorson, Victor Mature and Julia Dean from Easy Living.


Victor Mature danced with Liz Whitney at Earl Carroll's recently.

Victor getting in some desert night life with lovlies Marianne O'Brien and Buff Cobb.


Vic and Piper Laurie from Dangerous Mission.

Vic and Janet from Safari.


Vic and Piper Laurie from Dangerous Mission.

A birthday party on the RKO set of Interference (Easy Living).  Vic led the singing and is helping serve cake.

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