Part 2 Victor - Life Owes You Nothing Article 

Continued from: Life Owes You Nothing Part 1

On the night of November 16, 1936, Victor Mature made his debut as an actor in "Paths Of Glory." After the opening-night performance he sent a message to his father as follows:  "I now have more than an ambition. I have a career."  After a few weeks, Charlie Root returned to Louisville-alone; in three months the name of Victor Mature was a byword at the Playhouse. In six months the name had a ring to it all over Pasadena. It was the name of a tall, dark dynamo who let it be known

Mature, was to take unto himself a wife, created a minor sensation in the Gotham press. City editor assigned their best men to the job of finding out when and where the marriage was taking place.  Curiously enough only one person in New York, outside of the principals, knew the time and place. He could have sold the information for $500 to any city editor in town. But he didn't.  His name doesn't matter. What does matter is that he was a lowly taxicab driver who had struck a friendship with Mature.  The Great One had flagged him down one day, asked to be taken to the Stork Club and then inquired how were tricks. The cabbie told him that his wife was having a baby just any day now and ... "Here," Mature said, removing a pair of cuff links from his sleeves, "with my compliments. Only when you go to hock them at a pawnshop, don't let them rook you.  A very beautiful girl gave them to me.  They must have cost something like $400."

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