Victor - Vintage Magazine Articles & Their Quotes

Victor Mature, sophisticated, a sender of orchids.

  Vic Mature & Lana Turner stop their fellow Brown Derby Diners, Arleen Whelan and Alex Darcy to congratulate them on becoming a new Mister & Missus.


Leo Carillo, Victor Mature and Louise Platt in Captain Caution.

Nancy Kelly with Victor in a Hollywood night-spot one special night.  We don't know what he's telling her, but Nancy's in dreamland.

Captain Caution Photo 1 - Olive Branch is restored to Louise who becomes Captain. She makes Victor First Mate. He beats Bruce for bullying men & is jailed. Photo 2 - Louise at last realizes that Captain Caution is a brave man and a reconciliation takes place as the Olive Branch sails back to America.

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