Captions taken from various fan magazines from the 40s and 50s.

Photo 1-Enlistment in the Coast Guard, July, 1942. Vic was in the midst of a film on loan-out to RKO from 20th when he joined up, got leave to finish the job.

Photo 2-Coast Guard Pals quickly altered Hunk of Man to Hunk of Junk as a rib and Vic loved it. Here, he does a test on new type of life-saving suit.

Photo 3-This was how he looked before he snagged rating, as pretty Coast Guard Secretary pinned on campaign ribbons. Note mustache.

Photo 4-At Mocambo, Chief Mature and Anne Shirley spot a couple of friends. Though he and Rita'd thought of marrying, she'd become Mrs. Orson Welles by this time.

Photo 5-Doffing his blues after three and a half years, Vic felt the Coast Guard had been a great experience and he went back to films seeking serious roles.

Photo 6-Still another uniform when Vic visited Hollywood again. He'd won a chief's rating--Chief Specialist. DeMille proffered congratulations.


Vic Vic

Vic Vic