Captions taken from various fan magazines from the 40s and 50s.

Photo 1-Like many filmfolk, the Matures are trying their hand at an exciting diversion--oil painting. Seems that's the craze in Laguna, so in their spare moments they make a stab at it. Above, Dorothy tries to concentrate on her sketching while Vic does his concentrating on her.

Photo 2-Like many other stars, such as Tony Curtis and Mona Freeman, Mature's hobby is painting. To foil any possible criticism, he prints "Not Complete" under all his works before showing them off. :) This landscape is his first try.

Photo 3-When it comes to Dorothy's home cooking Vic likes nibbling on the main course for his appetizer before sitting down at the table and polishing off a couple of platefuls.

Victor and Dorothy

Vic's painting

Vic and Dorothy