Captions taken from various fan magazines from the 40s and 50s.

Photo 1-A wonderful photo of Victor and Lynn Redgrave from EVERY LITTLE CROOK AND NANNY (MGM, 1972). Thank you so much to the brilliantly talented Lynn Redgrave and the Lynn Redgrave Official Home Page for this great photo.

Photo 2-Victor Mature plays a World War II pilot who unknowingly buys this girl as a wife in "China Doll". Here, he and his "wife" meet Elaine Curtis, who plays a Red Cross girl.

Photo 3-Victor in "My Darling Clementine".

Photo 4-Victor Mature plays the title role in the Universal-International's Technicolor CinemaScope film, "Chief Crazy Horse". Susan Ball and John Lund are also starred.

Lynn and Vic

China Doll

My Darling Clementine Chief Crazy Horse