Captions and photos taken from various fan magazines from the 40s and 50s.

Photo 1-Columnists were predicting marriage again--this time Vic and pretty Buff Cobb, but both denied it, claimed to be good pals only.

Photo 2-Three Little Girls In Blue. Vic drew a role in this film. He started a friendship with June Haver.

Photo 3-Canny maneuver for new male actors is always to be seen with gorgeous gals and Vic did great right from the start. Here with a brown-haired Lana.

Photo 4-Contrast in he-men, red-headed Van Johnson, jet-haired Vic vied for tiny Lina Romay's attention at a Christmas benefit show.

Photo 5-Romance rumors did start, however, when Vic went to NY for a stage appearance, beaued Liz Whitney to premieres, night clubs.

Vic and Buff and Vic and June

Vic and Lana

Vic and Lina Vic and Liz