Captions and photos taken from various fan magazines from the 40s and 50s.

Photo 1-Anything but shy was four-month Victor Mature at his camera debut in Louisville, Ky. Postcards of this went to admiring kin.

Photo 2-Big brother Marcellus had task of hanging on to baby Vic's shirts to keep him from climbing off window ledge. Vic was nearly a year old now.

Photo 3-In spite of age difference, Vic and Marcellus, eight years his senior, were close pals, but Marcellus died when Victor was only three years old.

Photo 4-Proudest boy in Louisville, he posed for his confirmation portrait in a brand-new suit with stiff collar and showed beginning of future aplomb. This wonderful photograph of Victor was taken by Mr. J.C. Rieger, Sr. at his studio in Louisville. Thank you so much to Mr. Rieger's grandson, Mr. Alfred Sanning, for this information.

Photo 5-Tent home was all that student thespian Vic could find when he enrolled at Pasadena Playhouse, but it brought him his first publicity.

Photo 6-Cozy garage was Vic's next and also furnished publicity--as well as the roof over his head. Informal attire, groceries, gave a homey touch.

Vic as a baby

Vic as a child

Vic in early home