Here are photos of the fantastic R.M.S. Queen Mary book that Fred Carson got on his trip back from Europe in 1964. Victor and friend and stuntdouble, Fred Carson, traveled to Europe to work on a movie. Vic and Fred traveled on the Queen Elizabeth to Europe and came back on the Queen Mary. Thank you so much to Fred's daughter, Dixie, for these wonderful books and treasures! You can see all of the cool things that were going on during the trip and how gorgeous the Queen Mary looked. Fred said that going over was fine, but coming back was rough seas all the way to New York. The Queen Mary had three stacks and was very top heavy. Fred said it would roll side to side so badly that walking was almost impossible at times. He'd never seen that many seasick people in his life. To read more about Fred's career and the trip read Dixie's article here:

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