Check out this cool poem by Esteban Arellano. Thanks so much to Victoria for the link!

Pepe - Poem by Esteban Arellano
pepe is suave
with his victor mature hat
tan khakis
brown winged tipped shoes
durango shirt
a camel suspended between
his lips

after work
pepe drives to the city
goes to la taqueria
were he eats tacos de lengua
with nopal & queso blanco
drinks cerveza
argues white sox & cubs baseball
with strangers
plays rancheras & polkas
dances with young girls from mexico
pepe always invites the girls
to el cine
takes in a double feature
of el santo
el santo in the diabolical mind
el santo in the mummies of guanajuato

on saturdays
pepe sits in the bed of his truck
& listens to the foreign voices
coming from the dim lights
of blue island
disconnected footsteps
of aliens
exotic smells of the city
of big shoulders
earth settling into
a peculiar rhythm

on saturdays
pepe speaks to the moon
knows how close it is to him & his family
knows how far they are from one another
pepe tells of el enmascarado de plata
of the vengeance of crying women
of killers from other worlds
of vampire women
he speaks of many things
but not of love for his family

pepe speaks long in the night
till twilight falls
his eyes lost
on the moon
his heart on the cobblestones
of guanajuato

Esteban Arellano




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