Captions taken from various fan magazines from the 40s and 50s.

Photo 1-Super physique got fan raves and Vic was the cameramans's most cooperative subject for gags, as with toothbrush.

Photo 2-Fans now knew Vic's vital statistics-6' 3", 198 pounds-by heart and loved shots like this. Studio put him in very virile, tough-guy parts.

Photo 3-Hard times were things of the past but Vic worked hard for success, despite his air of nonchalance, waited a year after contract before he could afford a car.

Photo 4-Victor sunbathes on his roof, curtained for privacy.

Photo 5-Victor reading the script for Moss Rose.

Photo 6-"Genius" is a another nickname that Victor was called. It was very accurate. He is a very intelligent businessman.



Vic relaxing



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