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Rita Hayworth and Victor Mature

Hollywood buzzed for weeks. Why should such a couple break up--Rita Hayworth, glamorous star of "Cover Girl," Vic Mature, fighting bosun of the Coast Guard?

"Well, as near as I can recall the item goes: 'Miss Rita Hayworth of Hollywood rumored to be engaged to Boatswain Victor John Mature, U.S.C.G.. latterly of Broadway and Hollywood and presently somewhere in the North Atlantic is reportedly doing much of her grieving in the company of Mr. Orson Welles of Mars and thereabouts.'"

The bosun's jaw set.

"Is that all, Scorchy?"

"Just about."

"Thanks. Thanks a lot."

"Sorry, pal." An awkward silence. "Just like I told you, dames..."

"Skip it. See you ashore. I've got a little errand to do up forward."

"So long."

"So long."

Victor Mature sat there for a few minutes like a man trying to talk himself out of something. Or into something. Whatever it was, he succeeded. When he reported to his commanding officer, his mind was made up.

"I have a request to make, Sir." he said with crisp respect.

The commanding officer requested particulars.

"I'd like to make a trans-Atlantic telephone call to Hollywood, Sir."

The commanding officer looked up, frowned, relaxed.

"Urgent, I take it?"

"Yes. sir."

He got permission--for two reasons:

Firstly, because the urgency was too obvious for question. Secondly, not a single member of the complement of the D-- had asked less and contributed more, not only to the morale of the ship but to the flotilla and even to the fleet.

He waited eons for the connection to be completed. "Yes, Mr. Mature . . . yes, Mr. Mature..."

There was a note of incredulity in Rita Hayworth's voice.

"Why Vic, where are you?" she said with shocked surprise. He might have blurted it out if the Coast Guard monitors, listening (Continued on page 84)

(I only have the first part of this article so if anyone else has the rest of it I'd love to buy it so please e-mail me. I'm also interested in getting the article that was with the first photo that said "Rita Announces Her Marriage Plans-For the first time, Rita Hayworth reveals her specific plans to marry Victor Mature." Thanks! :)

For the first time, Rita Hayworth reveals her specific plans to marry Victor Mature Rita Hayworth and Victor Mature.