October 1954


VICTOR MATURE--He might hand you a $3.98 doll for your birthday to see if you loved him enough to keep quiet. Then two days later he'd pick you up and show you a new Caddy in the garage. He'd demand chili for breakfast, cut your allowance to lend money to a pal, then send your mom and dad to Honolulu for their anniversary. He'd disappear for days, and when you were about to consult a lawyer, he'd return, having been on a hunting trip in some remote spot where the only "other woman" was a 107-year-old Indian. He hates routine so much you'd get to bed at six a.m. or four p.m. You'd be expected not to complain if he played golf from sunup to sundown and your only defense would be to take up the game yourself. Any girl who weds Mature needs the balance of a lady juggler to stay happy in the perpetual emotional blizzard, but he's a spectacular provider, a wonderful father, loads of fun and a top-flight actor.

Victor Samson and Delilah