After appearing in 56 films in 22 years, Victor Mature decided to retire from acting in 1961 and devote himself to supervising his wide-spread investments. He successfully fended off the protestations of his wife Joy and his father-in-law for four years, then capitulated when an offer came to co-star with Peter Sellers in "After The Fox," the new comedy in Panavision and Color by De Luxe.

Mature packed his bags, traveled to Rome and reported to Director Vittorio De Sica for his scenes as Tony Powell, Hollywood matinee idol, in the new film for United Artists release. His role marks Mature's first comedy part in many years. He is co-starred with Britt Ekland who, in real life, is Mrs. Peter Sellers.

Under contract to 20th Century-Fox, Victor Mature spent 18 years at the studio playing a variety of films, from Betty Grable musicals to the first CinemaScope film, "The Robe."

He invested his earnings judiciously in a myriad of enterprises--a televison and electrical appliance business, a building development, several restaurants and a nightclub--and in 1961, after making a number of pictures in Europe, including "Hannibal" and "The Tartars" in Rome, he went into voluntary retirement. Married to Joy Urwick, daughter of a London physician, Mature settled down in his luxurious home outside Los Angeles.

The combination of De Sica, Sellers and top Broadway playwright Neil Simon, whose first screenplay this is, were the deciding factors in persuading Mature to return to the screen in "After the Fox." The film was produced by John Bryan for Delegate Productions A.G, and Nancy Enterprises, Inc. Its music is by Burt Bacharach and the enormous supporting cast includes Martin Balsam, Akim Tamiroff, Paolo Stoppa, Lydia Brazzi, Tino Buazzelli, Mac Ronay, Maria Grazia Buccella and Lando Buzzanca.

After The Fox After The Fox

After The Fox

After The Fox