August 17, 1940

WAR CAN BE ROMANTIC-In before-war-with-machines days, men fought hand to hand for victory-and love!

Present-day war films are a depressing and grisly lot, but before the days when machines and specialists in mass murder dominated the fighting scene, war could be-and was-a romantic business in which the soldier of fortune who fought his adventurous way around the world cut a colorful figure. Such a figure is young Victor Mature in the new Hal Roach film, "Captain Caution." This is a tangy, salt-water tale, woven about the hand-to-hand conflicts and sea battles of the War of 1812. For it, one of the largest dry-land fleets ever to be assembled was built on the Roach lot. Across the decks of this fleet, hand to hand conflict raged with the love of beauteous Louise Platt awaiting the victor. One rough-and-tumble engagement between Mature and Bruce Cabot, for example, took two and a half days to film. Mature lost seven pounds, Cabot five in the scrap.

VICTOR MATURE, who has been making great strides under the Hal Roach banner, adds to his laurels as a weakling who redeems himself.

When the Captain of the Olive Branch is wounded defending his ship, he dies in the arms of his daughter. Mature, the first mate, takes charge and immediately surrenders to the English, thus incurring her hatred. She dubs him "Captain Caution," giving the film its title.

Victor and Louise

Captain Caution